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Holiday Cottages Scarborough


Holiday Cottages Scarborough


Holiday Cottages Scarborough - from Low Moor Cottages











Holiday Cottages Scarborough

Holiday cottages in Scarborough are fantastic places to spend your summer. When you're out in Yorkshire, choose Low Moor Holiday Cottages for your holiday this year. Most holiday cottages (Scarborough) are beautifully modern and well-kept. Let us take care of your vacation this year.

Holiday cottages, Scarborough, are becoming more popular as people are realising that the northern counties - such as North Yorkshire and West Yorkshire - are offering a great deal of value for money. Enjoy a nice holiday without all of the stress associated with plane travel. Looking closer to home for your summer vacation is definitely becoming an attractive option. Why not have a nice vacation in our holiday cottage in Scarborough this summer?

When you're searching the web for a holiday cottage in Scarborough, remember that Low Moor Cottages offer great value and the sites of the holiday cottages are on location of the North York Moors National Park. Yorkshire's great tourist locations are a fantastic way to take your vacation over the summertime.

There are plenty of locations to travel to. Be they tourist towns or simply relaxing villages where you can find quaint local traditions and souvenirs. You couldn't pick a better place to stay than in Scarborough. Scarborough Castle holds the remains of Henry II's great keep. Situated at the edge of a cliff along the North Yorkshire coast, it is a naturally defended area and a perfect look-out spot. Scarborough Castle still dominates the town and harbour some 300ft (91m) below. The roughly triangular piece of ground forming the headland of Castle Hill has been occupied for over 2500 years, but the first stone fortress on the site wasn't built until the early 12th century by William le Gros. Take a week at one of our holiday cottages, Scarborough, and learn more about Yorkshire's great and mysterious history.

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